Bonny Amemiya /  July 29, 2020

Hi everyone,

Since our family embarked on this journey 11 months ago, it’s been a remarkable experience. I’ve witnessed the growth of such an incredible campaign team, the outpouring of support, and Keith’s passion to serve our communities in action.

I’ve seen Keith prepare for this position his whole life. Keith has always been driven by purpose. He also has a tremendous amount of gratitude for the people who have believed in him and I know this motivates Keith to give back to the people and communities he loves so much.

Our team work has worked so incredibly hard to show Honolulu that Keith is the right man for the job. This campaign has reinforced Keith’s tenacity, strength of character, and passion for Hawai‘i. Keith will offer a new way of doing things, a new attitude, a new approach, and involve new people.

With deep gratitude,