The Health of the Community Comes First

Our campaign is postponing all fundraisers, talk story sessions, group canvassing, and sign-waving. We have also postponed the opening of our headquarters that was scheduled for Saturday, April 4.

This is an unprecedented time for our community and campaign, and we’re remaining adaptable, innovative, and fluid. The campaign continues, but in ways that will be different from traditional campaigning and responsive to community needs.

The health of our community is most important and I encourage each of us to do our part in keeping each other safe and healthy. We understand in Hawaiʻi that we hug, we honi, we gather as a way to connect with others. But during this time, we want to do our part in keeping our communities safe and healthy by washing our hands, taking care not to touch our faces, and not risking the health of others by practicing social distancing.

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