Brandon Elefante /  July 23, 2020


My name is Brandon Elefante. As a lifelong resident of Pearl City and ‘Aiea, it’s been my pleasure to represent ‘Aiea, Pearl City, and Waipahū as an elected official since 2014. Growing up in these neighborhoods, and now serving them, I understand what’s most important to our community.

Residents want more services for seniors, transit-oriented development, safer streets and neighborhoods, affordable housing, and improved parks, beaches, open space and walking trails like the Pearl Harbor Historic Trail.

For the past several months, I’ve been working closely with Keith on the campaign trail. The more time I spend with Keith, the more I know he gets it. He’s a local boy and family man with the business savvy to run our City well. He’s extremely organized, and I know he’ll do a great job of cleaning things up to move our City in a new direction.

I support Keith Amemiya for Mayor of Honolulu because he will prioritize funding for City parks. Keith knows how much time local families spend outdoors enjoying our parks and beaches. We need to improve these areas for their safety and recreation. We need Keith as our next Mayor because he’s committed to strengthening our connection to people and place. The health of our community is contingent on activating these spaces.  I believe Keith Amemiya is the right leader we need to help move our city forward in the right direction to make real, transformative change.

Please join me in Keith’s community-powered campaign!

Brandon Elefante