Brian Schatz /  August 12, 2020


Keith Amemiya is my friend and I trust him. I’m endorsing him to be Honolulu’s next Mayor, and I want you to know why I support him.

Keith builds a sense of community and unity wherever he goes, and it was fair to wonder whether those skill sets and instincts would translate to the political realm. Based on the performance of this campaign — and most importantly, the values of the campaign — Keith has shown that he has what it takes not only to win, but to govern effectively.

That’s what we need in the next Mayor — someone who will bring the kinds of changes we all know we need without losing what it means to live in the most special place on this Earth.

We need a leader who doesn’t add to the chaos and uncertainty, but rather one who listens, builds consensus, and moves the community forward together. Keith has demonstrated that he knows how to motivate people, how to navigate difficulty and complexity, and how to avoid the pettiness that has plagued the politics of our past, on the mainland, and our present.

I respect everyone’s right to pick the candidate that best aligns with their values. For me, that person is Keith. He is a great guy and my friend, and his success as the next leader of our island home is important to me.

Keith has my trust and my full support.
Brian Schatz