Caroline Uluave /  July 14, 2020


My name is Caroline Uluave and I first met Keith in 2010. Our sons used to play baseball together at school. In 2013, there was an opportunity for the baseball team to play in Japan, and Keith organized local businesses to sponsor and fund our trip.

It wasn’t just about baseball— Keith wanted to make sure that our sons and their teammates had the chance to serve those affected by the devastating tsunami that took place in 2011. My son was 13 years old at the time, and I know that experience was something he’ll never forget.

With one week left before ballots arrive in your homes, I hope you’ll make your vote count. I also hope you’ll remember that Keith can make things happen. Just like he did for our team and for the community – Keith will make it happen as Mayor.

Keith is brave. Keith is fearless. He is not afraid to make changes. He’s not afraid to help. He’s not afraid to say no, or to stand up for his beliefs.

We need a fearless leader like Keith as Mayor.

Please get out and vote for Keith,