Beth McLachlin


He could make people forget about their frustrations and work together to meet a [...]

Beth McLachlin2020-06-30T13:16:38-10:00

Ryan Chun


I believe that Keith truly wants to make a difference for the State of Hawaiʻi. [...]

Ryan Chun2020-06-30T13:16:36-10:00

Skye Kusao


My first experience meeting Keith was when he coordinated for my students to be [...]

Skye Kusao2020-06-30T13:16:33-10:00

Cavan Scanlan


Keith’s strengths include prioritizing pressing issues, recognizing people’s tal [...]

Cavan Scanlan2020-06-30T13:16:29-10:00

Kristen Kawabata


Keith is a thoughtful listener who processes information with the best interest [...]

Kristen Kawabata2020-06-30T13:16:23-10:00

Melina Hicks


What I’ve witnessed with Keith is that he’s always looking for the positive in t [...]

Melina Hicks2020-06-30T13:15:59-10:00

Dennis Hokama


Keith is a fresh face for Oʻahu and has significant qualities that I know will t [...]

Dennis Hokama2020-06-30T13:09:50-10:00

Alan Vuong


I believe knows how to adapt to this environment. He knows how to create teams, [...]

Alan Vuong2020-06-30T13:09:01-10:00

Brandi Lelepali


Change in Hawai‘i needs to happen and Keith Amemiya is leading that change. [...]

Brandi Lelepali2020-06-30T12:54:43-10:00

Kalei Adolpho


Uncle Keith saw that there was a need for me, this 14-year-old girl. He saw that [...]

Kalei Adolpho2020-03-10T06:32:22-10:00
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