Gwen Fujie /  July 17, 2020


My name is Caroline Uluave and I first met Keith in 2010. Our sons used to play baseball together at school. In 2013, there was an opportunity for the baseball team to play in Japan, and Keith organized local businesses to sponsor and fund our trip.

At this unprecedented time where we are so easily distracted with fake news, we need thoughtful, forthright, energetic, and trustworthy leadership. We are confident that Keith will bring the leadership that our city needs. Keith has proven he will always work for the best interest of our people and can work collaboratively with many others. His warmth and accessible style is such an asset in gaining cooperation from the many entities he would have to work with to get things done.

Besides his intellect, accomplishments, and experience, we believe Keith has the character to serve as Mayor. Keith is honest, humble, and will serve with integrity. He is the most congenial and warmhearted of all the candidates and shows genuine aloha for the ʻāina and our people. Right now, Keith needs our aloha to win this race.

Thank you,

Gwen and Clayton Fujie