Dr. Reni Aukai Yukie Soon  /  June 9, 2020


My name is Reni and I’m a physician. As healthcare professionals across the state and world sacrifice their health and that of their families to work on the frontlines during this pandemic, never once did I think to stop fighting. This is what we do. We take care of patients when they’re sick and help keep them healthy when they’re well.

To keep things positive and remind Hawai‘i that WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER, here’s a video to share messages of hope and inspiration.

Keith understands that we need new leadership that brings innovative, progressive approaches to the tough problems facing our home like affordable housing, healthy communities, and homelessness. We need a fighter of our own who will ensure the health and safety of our residents first. We believe we are better together. We can overcome any challenge to create a better Oʻahu. We will win this together.

Please join our community-driven campaign today and help fight for our community.

Will you join us?

Reni Aukai Yukie Soon
Resident of Maunawili