Team Amemiya  /  June 19, 2020

Aloha team,

In last night’s PBS Island Insights Mayoral Forum, the differences couldn’t be clearer in this year’s election. As career politicians blamed one another for their mismanagement of rail, Keith called for civility and to move forward to finally get things done for our community.

“This exchange is emblematic of what’s wrong with politics today. You have people talking over each other. You have people saying that others should go to jail, interrupting each other. That’s not my style of leadership. My style of leadership is collaboration, bringing people together. Getting people to work civilly and in the interest of greater good.” – Keith Amemiya

The people of Oʻahu are sick of the same old political bickering and excuses. It’s time to have leaders who can set aside their egos and work together for the greater good of the community. Keith is the only candidate for Mayor who can do that.

Watch the entire mayoral forum at the PBS Hawaiʻi Facebook page.

Itʻs time for a new brand of leadership on Oʻahu,

Team Amemiya